committed to finding a cure for cancer


Doug Moreland and Denise Plante at a recent Hope Ball.
Doug Moreland and Denise Plante at a recent Hope Ball

Our mission is to secure the cure or control of cancer by raising funds to support innovative cancer research and cancer-related services in the state of Colorado.

Raising Money for Cancer Research
Cancer League of Colorado, Inc. was founded in 1969 by five women whose families were affected by cancer. Their individual heartache sparked a shared mission to raise money for research and patient care. Today, we are at the forefront of discovery into the causes of many types of cancer – and the most effective therapies – primarily through our partnership with the University of Colorado Cancer Center.

Donations can be made by mail to Cancer League of Colorado, PO Box 5373, Englewood CO 80155. If you have any questions you can call 303-281-9864 and a volunteer will get back to you.

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We’ve Awarded Nearly $20 Million to Cancer Research and Patient Care

Year-Round Fundraising Events 
From the beginning, Cancer League has been committed to supporting cancer research and has raised and dispensed nearly $20 million to support Colorado research, patient care and family programs. Cancer League grants have been made to projects across Colorado and have helped thousands of individuals and families fight cancer. Our annual fundraising events include the Hope Ball, Race for Research, Over the Edge and
the Cancer League Golf Tournament.

We’re an All-Volunteer Charitable Organization
Cancer League of Colorado is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization composed entirely of volunteers. Unique to non-profits, Cancer League of Colorado has no paid staff and no offices. All operating expenses are covered by membership dues. Approximately 400 volunteer members share our commitment to fight cancer and support cancer research.

Who Decides What Funds Go Where?
Primarily based on recommendations from our Scientific Advisory Board, each year the Funds Allocation Committee allocates available funds to investigator-initiated clinical trials and service grants to organizations in Colorado that support cancer patients and their families.  The Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of Colorado medical doctors and research specialists who volunteer their time to ensure the funds are sent to worthy recipients throughout the state of Colorado.

What Facilities Have Received Grants?
Research under grants is conducted at several facilities, which include the University of Colorado Cancer Center, Colorado State University, Children’s Hospital and the National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Care. Generally, 85% of Cancer League’s funds are awarded for research grants and clinical trials; the remaining 15% are awarded to service grants.

What are Cancer League’s Accomplishments?
Cancer League of Colorado was a founding institution for the Cancer Center at the University of Colorado Health Science Center, the only comprehensive cancer center in the Rocky Mountain Region. In addition, Cancer League was instrumental in funding the Colorado Ronald McDonald House. Our funding played a major role in the following discoveries:

  • Establishment of a link between DDT and testicular, prostate and breast cancer
  • Discovery of a protein that controls silencing DNA cell processes, which, if mutate, can lead to cancer
  • Identification of cancer-specific gene expression markers
  • Discovery of a region of cell cycle protein, which is essential for its function in regulating normal cell division
  • Discovery of the gene targets involved in acute leukemia in humans

Helping Individuals & Families in Colorado
Service grants are awarded to organizations for such things as hospice care, educational materials, care to indigent patients and recreational activities for children fighting cancer. Past recipients include Evergreen Hospice, Casting for Recovery, Camp Wapiyapi, Reel Recovery,, La Clinica Tepeyac, Shining Stars, and Project Angel Heart. All organizations benefit patients only in the state of Colorado.

Past Presidents of Cancer League of Colorado

1969-1970 Carol Childs
1970-1971 Pat Lau
1971-1972 Lori Ohlson
1972-1973 Sydney Shelden
1973-1974 Joanne Gathers
1974-1975 Betty Howe
1975-1976 Mrs. Thomas Condon
1976-1977 Jodine Broscovak
1977-1978 Kathleen Trompeter
1978-1979 Bobbie Colberg
1979-1980 Carol Mooney
1980-1981 Mrs. Daniel Miller
1981-1982 Eleanor Kosmicki
1982-1983 Barbara Jo Coyle
1983-1984 Dale Apel
1984-1985 Fleta Johnsen
1985-1986 Janet Hanna
1986-1987 Denise Shumaker Foat
1987-1988 Bonnie R Hazlett
1988-1989 Donna Marcove
1989-1990 Judy Marshall
1990-1991 Jerri Zbylski
1991-1992 Nancy Nelson
1992-1993 Muriel Fishman
1993-1994 Mary Schlenzig
1994-1995 Michael Ann Hanzel
1995-1996 Doris Southworth
1996-1997 Edie Marks
1997-1998 Suzy Thevenet
1998-1999 Marsha Lunnon
1999-2000 Roberta B Miller
2000-2001 Deborah Russell
2001-2002 Carol Hansen
2002-2003 Jane Mayberry
2003-2004 Judy Dennis
2004-2005 Dave Weisberg
2005-2006 Jennifer O’Neill
2006-2007 Gayle Rogers
2007-2008 Barbara Reece
2008-2009 Annette Jewell
2009-2010 Martha Jentz
2010-Present Gary Reece