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Volume No: 21 Issue No. 5 June 2012
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Gary Reece, President of Cancer League of Colorado

Gary Reece, President of Cancer League of Colorado

President’s Message

This has been an exciting few months for Cancer League of Colorado, highlighted by the most successful Hope Ball in our history! Setting new standards and benchmarks in
virtually every category of execution and performance, our 2012 Hope Ball alone raised more than half of our annual net fundraising goal of $1,000,000. Edie Marks and her team are to be commended for their tremendous efforts and commitment leading to these outstanding results.

The names of the 2012 Hope Ball Committee Members are outlined later in the Newsletter, to all of whom we express our deepest gratitude. On the heels of this great event, I am pleased to report that we expect our net fundraising income for the current fiscal year to exceed $925,000, the highest for any year in Cancer League’s history. While short of our $1,000,000 goal, we should all be very proud of what we have accomplished as an organization this year, as well the tremendous impact these accomplishments will have in furthering our mission of finding a cure for cancer.

To this end, and most importantly, your efforts this year already have enabled us to fund $156,000 in cancer-related ser-vice grants. And our Funds Allocation Committee and Board are in the final process of evaluating opportunities to fund grants in support of cancer research approaching $800,000 in total. In addition, pursuant to our agreement with the Uni-versity of Colorado Cancer Center and the University of Colorado Foundation, we will be funding up to $400,000 towards our commitment for the Cancer League of Colorado Endowed Chair. Each of these contributions strengthens the position of Cancer League of Colorado as a major force in the fight against cancer in our state.

With our 2011-2012 year coming to a close, there are so many people who deserve our sincere thanks for their contribu-tions to our successes. I would like to start by thanking our leadership, beginning with our outstanding Board of Direc-tors. Their passion, commitment and cooperative spirit through which they have carried out their responsibilities enabled us to accomplish some amazing things as an organization this year. Thanks also goes to the members of our Corporate Advisory Board, our Honorary Trustees and our Scientific Advisory Board for their support and guidance in their respec-tive areas of expertise and experience. And, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the sponsors of our events and to the individuals and organizations who have supported Cancer League with their financial resources throughout the year.

Finally, and most importantly, I want to thank our membership, the lifeblood of this organization and our 2012 Champions of Hope, for their passionate commitment to our mission of finding a cure for cancer. It is through their efforts, whether it be serving on the Board or a committee, participating in our events, volunteering or communicating our mission to the social and business community, that Cancer League has become a significant force in the fight against cancer.

We begin our new year with high expectations as we continue the pursuit of our goal to raise $1,000,000 for cancer-related research and services. We’ll kick things off with our exhilarating Over the Edge event on July 20th and 21st in downtown Denver, followed by our Race for Research on August 19th at Washington Park, with our annual golf tourna-ment to follow on September 24th at Glenmoor Country Club. Our new Board of Directors has some very real challenges ahead of them this year, but we are better prepared than ever as an organization to reach our objectives. I look forward to working with each of you to make it happen!

Enjoy your summer.

With Dedication,
Gary Reece
President, Cancer League of Colorado

Gary, Barb, Julie and Jeff Reece

Gary, Barb, Julie and Jeff Reece

The 2012 Hope Ball: WE DID HAVE A BALL!!!

Eva Makk and Edie Marks

Eva Makk and Edie Marks

Gary Reece, Auctioneer Gary Corbett and Dave Weisberg

Gary Reece, Auctioneer Gary Corbett and Dave Weisberg

The Hope Ball 2012

The Hope Ball 2012









From the beautiful ballroom to the fabulous Silent Auction and the dreamy music of Moments Notice, it was truly a Ball.

Makk Painting

Makk Painting

The fabulous Makk painting, “Enchantment,” set the theme and provided the highlight as it sold under heavy bidding at $56,000. The Silent and Live Auctions continue to set records for their quantity, quality and choices.

The biggest story of the evening was our honorees: YOU, THE VOLUNTEERS OF CANCER LEAGUE. It is the amazing teamwork that made the evening what it was and allowed us to meet our financial goals to provide research dollars aimed at finding a cure for cancer.






JC Childers and Emcee Mike Nelson

JC Childers and Emcee Mike Nelson

The 2012 Hope Ball

THANK YOU to all the volunteers who helped make the Hope Ball a success!

Event Chair
Edie Marks

Corporate Sponsorship Chair
Barbara Reece

Auction Chair and Donations Chair
Kathleen Bennett and Elise Marks-Gruitch

Live Auction
Kori and Randy White, Edie Marks

Art Gallery
Cathrin Crampton, Lori Marks-Connors,
Marie Genna, Linda VG Kelley

Kick-Off Party
Marina Dagenais, Bob and Charles Eisen Showroom, Lifestyles Catering

Patron Party
Lorraine Salazar, Linda VG Kelley, Arlene Johnson, Lifestyles Catering

Dave Weisberg, JC Childers

Diane Brandon Hadley

Brooke O’Donnell

Karen White, Marty Gathers

Louise Richardson

Glory Weisberg, Villager Newspaper, Denver Post, Channel 12 Public Television, Colorado Expression Magazine

Photography and Arrangements
Karen and Ron White

Auction Closing Chairs
Laurie Lawrence, Shannon Callis, Lisa Brooks

Nicole and Michael Gampp

Lori Frisher

Design Team
Marina Dagenais, Colleen Johnson, Judy Gubner, France Lavin, Greg Comstock, Ingrid Fretheim, Jennifer Jelinek, Jenn Medoff, Katie Schroder, Erika Rundiks, Kristi Dinner, Lovedy Barbatelli, Momo Morton, Pam Kelker, Paula Bennett, Susan Schwab

Benefit Volunteers

[twocol_one] Kara Amman
Stu Bennett
Blind Corners and Curves
Bob Blodgett
Lorna Bounds
Joanna Braun
Jeff Brooks
Dody Clark
Rebecca Colvin
Greg Comstock
Christin Crampton-Day
Suzanne Crawford
Allie Daharb
Brooke Danis
Pamela Dervetski
Vicki Dow
Ken Elliot
Bri Emerson
Sally Engen
Allison Farar
Lawrence French
Lindsey Garner
Jennifer Gold
Mary Hencmann
Sarah Hite
Peter Hodges
Linda Hoffmann
Garrett Hommel
Rick Hughes
Martha Jentz
Fleta Johnsen
Nancy Koontz
Bailey Kunkleman
[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last] Cyndi Lovato
Marsha Lunnon
Lin McHaley
Karen McLeod
Lauren Mcmurdo
Lindsay Morgan
Kaye Music
Monty Music
Gayle Novak
Monica Owens
Ruth Pana
Ginger Parietti
Ono Parker
Kerrie Pott
Patty Prince
Libby Printz
Gwen Proctor
Scott Raymond
Jeff Reece
Gayle Rogers
Eunice Romano
Brad Rothhammer
Gregory Sargowicki
Shane Schmutz
Mark Simmons
Walt Smith
Ryta Sondegard
Orla Sullivan
Erin Sweenie
Quinn Washington
Lisa Williams
Mary Williams

Cancer League of Colorado Foundation

By Glenna Hale
Cancer League of Colorado Foundation

Do We Owe You a ‘Thank You’?

While the Cancer League of Colorado actively encourages estate gifts, we also know that many people pre-fer to keep their intentions quiet. Numerous studies have confirmed this. Year after year, non-profit or-ganizations receive more estate gifts from people that did not share their intentions ahead of time, than from those who did.

The challenging part, of course, is that we do not have the chance to say “thank you” in these situations.

If you have remembered the Cancer League of Colorado’s Foundation in your estate plans, please know that we are grateful – regardless of whether or not you decide to share the news. Obviously, we would prefer to know, in order to have the chance to express our gratitude. Your support represents an im-portant investment in our fight against cancer. However, we also respect the decision to remain anony-mous.

Please know that we’re grateful for all that you do toward helping Cancer League of Colorado and its Foundation meet its mission of finding a cure for Cancer![hr]

Donating to Cancer League of Colorado

Giving First, provided to us by Community First Foundation, is a no cost way for CLC donors to donate online directly to CLC without a fee. The donate button on this website has been modified to go directly to Giving First. All purchases of plaques and to sign up for an event go to https://www.blacktie-colorado.com/ . There is no change; this is a reminder only. If you add both of these URLs to your favorites, you will save time in the future when donating or sending an RSVP.

[button link=”https://www.givingfirst.org/index.php?section=organizations&action=newDonationStandard&fwID=28047″]Donate Online[/button][button link=”/about/commemorativ-plaques”]Buy a Plaque[/button][hr]

The Race for Research Needs YOU!!

The Race for Research is Cancer League’s premier family event. Bring the kids, the grandkids, the nieces, the nephews and the neighbor kids for a great time! Get a team together to honor a friend’s or loved one’s battle with cancer. We award a traveling trophy to the largest team.

Race for Research

We offer a timed 5K Run/walk in lovely Washington Park, followed by a Family Festival and Sponsor Expo. New this year, we have added a one Mile walk for those who want something shorter.

Race for Research

Participants pick up free samples at our Sponsor Expo and enter our drawing for great prizes.

Race for Research

Our Family Festival features games and for the younger set, a jumping castle and face painting.

[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]
Race for Research

Participants enjoy a complimentary freshly cooked pancake breakfast.

Race for Research

Relax and enjoy the live band. Meet 9News’ Amelia Earhart at the Awards Ceremony.

Race for Research

Not a walker or runner? We can use volunteers for registration and other tasks.
Please contact Barb Seaman at SBarb41401@aol.com or
call 303-346-1483.


Fundraising Incentives

You can raise money for cancer research, even if you can’t participate in the race, and earn great prizes!

  • Race for ResearchRace for ResearchRaise $75 or more for cancer research and receive a Race 4 Research commemorative baseball cap.
  • Raise $150 or more for cancer research and honor your loved one with an 18 x 24 poster on our Miracle Mile Walk, plus receive the commemorative baseball cap.
  • Raise $300 or more for cancer research by Aug. 1st and receive a complimentary race registration, plus the poster and baseball cap.

July 20th & 21st
1600 Glenarm Place
We Are Going “Over the Edge” Again!

Over the EdgeIt is summertime in the city! And there is no better way to cre-ate memories that will last a lifetime than to rappel down one of Denver’s premier skyscrapers! That’s right, Cancer League is once again hosting Denver’s highest (literally) profile fundraising event, Denver Over The Edge 2012. This is a huge opportunity for CLC to raise over $350,000 to kick-off the 2012-2013 fiscal year.

We need people interested in rappelling, and that might be you – or it might be someone you know. Last year 135 people rappelled and we were able to raise $272,000. This year we hope to have 200 people rappel, which will ensure we reach that $350,000 goal. I know it sounds crazy, but it is true, last year we had people of all levels of experience and no experience is required in order to rappel.

Help us surpass last year’s record setting amount. We can’t do it without your help.

You, your spouse, your grown children or grandchildren may be interested. You might have a friend, neigh-bor or co-worker who loves a bit of adventure OR has a passion for the cause. Please if you or any one you know wants to create the memory of a lifetime this summer, connect them with Cancer League and our Denver Over The Edge 2012 event.

[button link=”http://www.denverovertheedge.com/”]Register Here[/button] [box type=”note” style=”rounded” border=”full”]A personal message from the event chairs…

This is dedicated to the ones we love!

During our time recruiting for this event, we have heard many excuses as to why people can’t participate. Mostly it stems from a fear of heights.

We simply remind them that the courage they need to rappel is nothing compared to the courage we see every day from our loved ones who are fighting cancer. They don’t have the option to say “I don’t want to summon the courage to fight today.” The ones we love don’t have that choice.

You can rappel for them or sponsor someone who will. It is for the research that will find the cure.

Jeff and Katie[/box][hr]

Cancer League of Colorado Bridge Marathon

Sherry Higgins (left) and Sylvia Sibilia.

Bridge Marathon & Golf Tournament

Congratulations to the winners of the 2011-2012 Cancer League of Colorado Bridge Marathon!

  1. First Place: Sherry Higgins and Sylvia Sibilia
  2. Second Place: Nancy Bakker and Judith Riley
  3. Third Place: Sophie Fontaine and Pat Kehl

Congratulations also, to two lucky ladies in the Marathon Bridge group who won the new car raffle – Barbara Gibb in 2012 and Dee Burroughs in 2011.

The CLC Bridge season starts in October with a play day and luncheon, usually held in a country club or other appropriate site. In November, January, February and March, a foursome picks a date for a play day and lunch, usually held in a members home. In April, the play day/luncheon is again held in a country club, the scores are totaled and the first place winners are presented with a gift certificate.

For anyone interested in joining the Marathon Bridge Group, please contact either of the Co-Chairs: Kay McMillin 303-741-1927 or Jean Myatt 303-400-9101.


Liberty Mutual Invitational Presented by Colorado CasualtyLiberty Mutual Invitational
Presented by Colorado Casualty

Benefiting Cancer League of Colorado
September 24, 2012
Glenmoor Country Club

For More Information, Contact:
John Snow


 Commemorative Garden

Cancer League of Colorado Commemorative Garden

Cancer League of Colorado Commemorative Garden

By Kaye Music, Chair

The Garden has been planted and looks won-derful! We’ve accomplished some things this year in the garden. We completed a mapping of the plaques and the directory is up to date and in place at the Anschutz Pavilion Outpatient Information Desk. You may have to insist the volunteers look for the directory as they are not generally knowledgeable about the Garden or Cancer League of Colorado. We have orders for an additional three plaques so far this Spring, bringing our total number of plaques to over 200. Those plaques should be set in a few weeks.

We are looking for information regarding the benches that are in place at the Garden. Please let us know if you know anything about them.
[box type=”note” style=”rounded” border=”full”] Acting President-Elect Report
By Kaye Music

Thank you for allowing me to fill this vital role this year and next. And, thank you especially to Cancer League members and volunteers who have worked so willingly and devotedly to achieve our goals. The President-Elect’s team has widely varied duties and to a person the team has fulfilled all expectations. Thank you to Bob Martin (Bylaws); Dody Clark and Martha Jentz (Co-Parliamentarians); Karen White (Nominating Committee); Janet Hanna, Jeff Smith, Dave Weisberg, Sandy Wolf (Members at Large).

We will rely on the team’s experience and diligence to reach even higher in 2012-2013! Luckily, many of these brave souls have agreed to serve again in the coming year. Our 2012-2013 agenda includes some refine-ment of a few bylaw provisions; improved documentation of Cancer League processes and job descrip-tions; completion of the grant funding project ; and, increased activity and input by the long range plan-ning committee. There will likely be other projects as well! Thank you all![/box][hr]


  • Did you know that it costs CLC $1.75 or more per member to send out an invitation by postcard?
  • Did you know that it costs CLC $2.75 or more per member to send out an invitation by first class?
  • Did you know that it costs CLC $7.00 or more per member to send out a bound directory?
  • Did you know that it costs CLC $1.00 per member to send all of these to each member for an entire year using e-mail and our website directory?

A big thank you to all of you who use our website and e-mail.

Commemorative Donations


In Memory of Dennis Bates

Hazel Melmed
Lisa and Bob Matich
Susan Demers
Simon Gallegos
Stephen McKay
Stanley Stohl
Linnie White
Michael Fletcher
Nita Laramie-Eaton
Rita & Dave Peterson
PARK Senior Center Dancers
Fay Hoover & Sheryl Lebrock Gertie Van Natter
Maureen Broy
Fleta Johnsen
Chris & Suzanne Cordova
Sara Moore
Gail Brewster
Bob Roupe & Donna Carriere
Bonnie Siegfried
Andy Rundstrom
Lynn Ohm
Sharon Grey
William & Susan Stolte
C. Darline Dunston
Connie Dusek
Suzanne Harmes
Golden Dancers
Patricia Bates
Susan & David Lichtenstein

In Memory Of
Denise Battest by Sandy Wolf
Sally Levine by Donald & Marsha Lunnon
Juanita Thompson by Dee Burroughs
George Dorry by Lori Brown
Diane Awes Brown by Diane Bartlett
Diane Marsh by Roman & Libby Matherne
Michael Guzofsky by Duane & Judy Houchens
and Ron & Jim Houchens
Joe Sixta from Barb & Todd Meier Sylvia R. Jackson from Wende & Brent Abrahm
Willard A. “Gus” Gossett from Art & Stevie Strasburger


In Honor Of
Morton Skoll’s birthday by Dale Apel
Edie Marks’ leadership by Judy Wolf

In Honor of Jack & Sylvia Sibilia’s 50thWedding Anniversary
Roy & Donna Sandberg
Chaucey Rhyne
Tom & Sherry Higgins
Ginny Wiley
Dean & Arlen Zick
Kay Robertson

In Support Of
Charmaine Yorty by Annette Punicki
Diane Brandon & Ginny Wiley by Sherry Higgins

In Support Of Donna Sandberg

Sylvia & John Sibilia
Arlene & Dean Zick
Ginny Wiley
Kay Robertson
Sherry & Tom Higgins
Chauncey Rhyne

Undesignated Donations
Arthur Liu
Sarah Hite
Sylvia R. Jackson Scholarship Fund
Kaiser Permanente
John Koslosky
Carol Harmon
The Crazy Merchant

[/twocol_one_last] [hr] Important Dates

July 20-21, 2012
Over The Edge
1600 Glenarm Place

Sunday, August 19, 2012
Washington Park

Monday, September 24, 2012
Golf Tournament
Glenmoor Country Club[hr]

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