July 2013 Newsletter from the Cancer League of Colorado

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Gary Reece, President of Cancer League of Colorado

Gary Reece, President of Cancer League of Colorado

President’s Message

Dear CLC Friends,
This has been an exciting few months for Cancer League of Colorado, highlighted by the one of the most successful Hope Balls in our history! Setting new standards for elegance and excitement, our 2013 Hope Ball alone comprised almost half of our annual net fundraising for the current fiscal year. Edie Marks and her team are to be commended for their tremendous efforts and commitment leading to these outstanding results.
On the heels of this great event, I am pleased to report that we expect our net fundraising income for the current fiscal year to exceed $900,000, near the highest annual level in Cancer League’s history that we established last year. While short of our $1,000,000 goal, we should all be very proud of what we have accomplished as an organization this year, as well the tremendous impact these accomplishments will have in furthering our mission of finding a cure for cancer.
To this end, and most importantly, your efforts this year already have enabled us to fund $159,500 in cancer-related service grants to 30 different Colorado organizations. And our Board has approved the funding of 25 grants totaling $810,000 in support of cancer research in Colorado. Both of these grant levels are all-time highs for our organization. In addition, pursuant to our agreement with the University of Colorado Cancer Center and the University of Colorado Foundation, we will be funding $210,000 towards our commitment for the Cancer League of Colorado Endowed Chair.
One of our 25 research grants this year supports the UCCC Summer Cancer Research Fellowship Program and was funded with a special contribution of $30,000 to Cancer League by the Cancer League of Colorado Foundation. This special contribution was made from proceeds of the estate gift to the Foundation by Linda James Goto, our dear friend lost to cancer late last year and 2012/2013 Cancer League Champion of Hope. This generous gift has enabled the Foundation to increase the value of its assets to more than $1,250,000.
With our 2012-2013 year coming to a close, there are so many people who deserve our sincere thanks for their contributions to our successes. I would like to start by thanking our leadership, beginning with our outstanding Board of Directors. Their passion, commitment and cooperative spirit through which they have carried out their responsibilities enabled us to accomplish some amazing things as an organization this year. Thanks also goes to the members of our Corporate Advisory Board, our Honorary Trustees and our Scientific Advisory Board for their support and guidance in their respective areas of expertise and experience. And, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the sponsors of our events and to the individuals and organizations who have supported Cancer League with their financial resources throughout the year.
Finally, and most importantly, I want to thank our membership, the lifeblood of this organization, for their passionate commitment to our mission of finding a cure for cancer. It is through their efforts, whether it be serving on the Board or a committee, participating in our events, volunteering or communicating our mission to the social and business community, that Cancer League has become a significant force in the fight against cancer.
We begin our new year with high expectations as we continue the pursuit of our goal to raise $1,000,000 for cancer-related research and services. We’ll kick off with our exhilarating Over the Edge event on July 12th and 13th, followed by our Race for Research on August 18th at Washington Park, with our annual golf tournament to follow on September 23rd at Glenmoor Country Club (details are included below in this newsletter). Our new Board of Directors has some very real challenges ahead of them this year, but we are better prepared than ever as an organization to reach our objectives.

I look forward to working with each of you to make it happen!Enjoy your summer.

With Dedication,
Gary Reece
President, Cancer League of Colorado

News from the CLC Communications Group

Thanks to all of you who contributed to this newsletter. Great information and updates.
Visit our website to view the calendar of events and news about past events including pictures.

Check out our website for the upcoming events at www.cancerleague.org/events.

Cancer League of Colorado has four major fundraisers each year.
Please mark your calendars for 2013

July 12 – 13 Over the Edge
Rappel down a Denver Building
8:00 a.m.

August 18 Race for Research 5k Fun Run/Walk
Honoring Michele Plachy-Rubin
Washington Park
9:00 a.m.

September 23 Annual Golf Tournament
Glenmoor Country Club

October 26 Crafts for Cancer’s Cure
Harvard Gulch Recreation Center

from Mary Gathers, Chairman

A magnanimous, heartfelt THANK YOU TO ALL THE WONDERFUL CLC MEMBERS who have so generously contributed their talents (including food), time and homes to make our 2012-13 year such a memorable success with each passing event. And a special thank you to the “ever ready “Hospitality Committee” members for their dedication to making each event such a warm, inviting success. We have had a wonderful year!

MEMBERSHIP 2013 – 2014

It’s that time of year! Now is the time to support this exceptional organization by renewing your membership. We depend on your membership dues to support our operations.

Unlike most non-profits, Cancer League of Colorado is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff. Our wonderful members, who share their time and talents, support our efforts, and their membership dues fund our operating expenses. Under this unique structure, we are able to donate 100% of the funds we raise through our events in support of cancer research and patient-care grants.

There are varied levels of membership. Regular $45, Dual $60, Patron $125, $750 Lifetime, and $35 Young Professional (under age 40). We are encouraging membership renewal online. This will enable us to manage member information in a more expeditious and accurate manner. Just click on this link to renew easily and securely. To renew your membership you can login into www.cancerleague.org/Join and then follow the links to Blacktie and pay your membership online. Renewal now will pay you through June 30, 2014.

The direct link is

If you prefer to mail your renewal, you can send your check to Membership, PO Box 5373, Englewood, CO 80155.

If you are a Lifetime member, please consider sending a donation to help cover operating costs.

Please continue showing your support for this important effort. Renew your Cancer League of Colorado membership today.

Many Thanks!!

Gayle Rogers
2011-2013 VP Membership

Cancer League Hope Ball was Dedicated to the Ones We Love
Glory Weisberg

Cancer League of Colorado Hope Ball, Dedicated to the Ones We Love, drew 640 supporters who hope to cure cancer. These hopes are what motivates and energizes the members who are indeed dedicated to the cause, operating without paid staff or offices. Edie Marks chaired the gala. She seems to be a money magnet and a real life Energizer Bunny.

Cancer League Hope Balls are known for offering a wide range of live and silent auction art. This year Eva Makk and son A.B. Makk again donated a luscious painting, this one titled “Hope and Love,” which was a big draw, as was Larry Fanning’s ephemeral “Rocky Mountain Bighorn” and fellow League member, Carrie Fell’s “Decadence.”
The late Linda Goto was honored as Champion of Hope. She battled leukemia for 10 years, had chaired the ball twice and has generously donated part of her estate to Cancer League.

Williams Jewelers donated a diamond necklace and earrings valued at $17,000, sold to Doug Moreland for $15,500. The Morelands usually do snag the annual gala’s high price live auction jewelry, remaining true to the cause.

Doug Moreland’s Family and their Family of Dealerships outright donated a blood red 2013 Dodge Durango Crew AWD that was raffled off with all funds going to Cancer League. Doug vowed at the Ball to keep on giving the nonprofit a new auto every year as long as he’s in the business and business is good-very good. Credit for her continuous raffle ticket selling effort goes to JC Childears; past League president, Martha Jentz and Marty Gathers.

There were 45 ball sponsors, including the Morelands, the Makk family, Kori and Randy White and the PBJ Reece family. Gary Reece is Cancer League’s president and he and wife Barb are truly dedicated workers and donors. They worked with Kathleen Bennett, Diane Brandon Hadley Lori-Marks Connors and Elise Marks-Gruitch, Karen and Ron White, Louise Richardson and others.

The fastest live nonprofit auctioneer in the region, Gary Corbett, was in high gear and seeming to be having a ball drawing bid after bid and getting more followers himself. Each dollar donated to cancer research by CLC generates about 20 times that much in funding from the National Cancer Institute and other cancer conquering efforts.

Message from Edie Marks to all Members of Cancer League
The 2013 Hope Ball
Dedicated to the Ones We Love

The culmination of 8 months of intensive effort by the most goal-driven group of volunteers on earth, the Hope Ball was a masterpiece. Attendees continue to be amazed that it gets better and more beautiful each year, but it does. They are impressed by the quality of the artists who participate and give of their talents and time and the silent auction that manages to invite participation from half of the city’s businesses.

To all of the volunteers, our deepest gratitude. Efforts of this magnitude bring us closer to a cure each day.

C. McNeil and Mike Coffman

Candy and Doug Moreland

G. Corbett and Kim Christiansen

A.B and Eva Makk

Cancer League of Colorado Foundation
Glenna Hale, President Cancer League of Colorado Foundation

Her thoughtfulness will long be remembered…
Linda Goto’s generous estate gift raises the CLCF portfolio to over $1,250,000.

Cancer League of Colorado Foundation’s tomorrow depends on what we each do today.

Continue the fight to find a cure for cancer beyond your lifetime by including Cancer League of Colorado Foundation (CLCF) in your estate plan. Gifts to CLCF will insure that Cancer League of Colorado (CLC) will have resources available in the future to fund critical research and service grants, regardless of the amount of funds raised each year from fundraising efforts.

A gift from your estate to CLCF can provide ongoing financial support for CLC’s mission of helping to find a cure for cancer, as if you were continuing to make annual contributions in perpetuity.

How to include CLCF in your Estate Plans
You can include CLCF in your estate plans in many ways – most commonly by making a gift in a will or adding to a will by a document known as a codicil. Alternatively, you might choose to make CLCF the beneficiary of a retirement plan or insurance policy. In addition there are charitable remainder trusts and donor advised funds where you can specifically name CLCF to receive your bequest. Talk with your financial or tax advisor who can help determine the method that best fits your financial goals and estate plans.

If you have already included CLCF in your estate plan, please let us know so we may properly thank you and include you in the growing list of donors to the Endowment of Hope.

What you do today will determine how CLCF can help CLC tomorrow. Make a difference and start your personal legacy by including CLCF in your estate plan today!

We sincerely appreciate for your generous consideration and support of both CLC and its Foundation, CLCF.

Bridge Co-Chairs & Winners, Jean Myatt, Donna Garrett, Coke Governski and Kay McMillin (left to right)
WOW!! The winners of the Cancer League of Colorado, Inc. Bridge Marathon had great scores this year!
• 1st Place – Donna Garrett & Coke Governski with a score of 19,610
• 2nd Place – Virginia Perrott & Janice Sims with a score of 18,920
• 3rd Place – Dee Burroughs & Joyce Coulter with a score of 17,440

A great big “welcome” to Donna Garrett and Coke Governski who joined the bridge group in September 2012 and won the prize in their first year.

CLC’s Bridge season starts in October with a play/day luncheon, usually held in a country club. In November, January, February and March, a foursome picks a date for a play day and brunch/lunch, usually held in a members home or appropriate site. In April, the play day/luncheon is again held in a country club, the scores are totaled and the first place winners are presented with gift certificates.

Please contact either of the Co-Chairs if you are interested in joining CLC ‘s Marathon Bridge Group.

Kay McMillin – 303-741-1927
Jean Myatt – 303-400-9101


Judith Newblom
Dell Lobb
Richard Wilson
M. Delbert Lobb
Robert & Linda Mulder
Pat Wendt
Floyd & Lois Edwards
David & Dianne Nelson
Steven & Nancy Lange
Gary & Marylou Andes
Colorado Lighthouse Collectors Society
Amy Channin
Fred & Candace Anders
Gary Johnson

Kay Robertson
Chauncey Rhyne
Dean & Arlene Zick
Virginia Wiley
Sherry & Tom Higgins

Jack & Sylvia Sibilia
Sherry & Tom Higgins
Virginia Wiley

Vickie Dow
Arlene & Barry Hirshfeld

Greg Liptak by Chet & Denise Foat
Bernice Rodgers by John & Susie Lattendresse
Linda Prosser Livingston by Jeff Dunn
Russell L. Kenney by the Southworth & Puckett Families
Judy Skinner by Judith Winchester
Gil Hammond by Dave & Glory Weisberg

Glory Weisberg by Marsha Lunnon
Gary Reece by Charles & Ruth Schenck
Edie Marks by Vickie Dow
Stephanie Kirk Troudt by Crystal Lloyd

Undesignated Donations
Doug Ferraro
Lloyd Ford
Demetra Dee Speliofes
Carol Matthie
Mom’s Club of Aurora
Kami Turrou
Joy Collins
Nancy & James Andrews

Fund Allocations Committee Research Grant Report
Fleta Johnsen, Funds Allocations Chairman

Cancer League received 47 research grant requests for either $60,000 or $30,000. A $60,000 request is for a collaborative grant where two researchers work together. CLC’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) met and ranked the research grant requests and CLC funds as many as possible. CLC thanks the members of our SAB for all their donated time and expertise.
This year Cancer League is proud to fund 25 grants totaling $810,000, which is the most CLC has ever funded. In addition, CLC Foundation funded one $30,000 grant.
CLC members’ hard work, generosity of our sponsors and CLC’s Foundation donation made this record year possible. The complete list of the research grant recipients will be on CLC’s web site soon.
Liberty Mutual Invitational Presented by Colorado Casualty Benefitting Cancer League of Colorado


When: Monday, September 23, 2013 – 10:00 AM shotgun start

Where: Glenmoor Country Club

Rules: Four person scramble. Each team must have a combined handicap index
of 43 or more and only one player with an index under 8. If you don’t
have a handicap index the tournament director will provide you one.

Cost: $275 per player or $1,100 per foursome


The winning team will have the right* to compete in the Liberty Mutual Invitational National Finals played at Pinehurst Resort in Pinehurst, North Carolina, March 26-30 2014. *

This 72-hole scramble format event will take place on three of Pinehurst’s legendary courses.
• Pinehurst #2: Site of 1936 PGA Championship, 1951 Ryder Cup, 1999 and 2005 U.S. Open Championships, (future site of: 2014 U.S. Open and 2014 U.S. Women’s Open.
• Pinehurst #4: Site of 2008 U.S. Amateur Championship.
• Pinehurst #8: Twice hosted the PGA Club Pro Championship.
* Note that entry fee, airfare, accommodations, or other expenses are not included.

To register or reserve a foursome please contact:
John Snow
Hackstaff Law Group, LLC
303.534.4317 | js@hackstafflaw.com

Race for Research
August 18, 2013

Join us in Washington Park for a fun filled Sunday morning. Registration opens at 8:00AM and the Run/Walk begins at 9:00AM.After the race enjoy our new Beer Garden, live entertainment, pancake breakfast, sponsors sampling products, face painting, and lots of kiddie games.

For more info or Registration Click Here

Sponsor a Miracle Mile Poster

YOU can help Race for Research meet our goal to raise $75,000 for cancer research by honoring someone you know whose life has been touched by cancer with a poster on our Miracle Mile.

HOW? It’s easy! Simply make an individual donation of $150 or more or build a fundraising page to raise donations from family and friends.
For more info or to DONATE click here


We will need 55-60 volunteers on the morning of the race. Those helping with set up will start as early as 630AM, while those working Registration would start at 745AM. We also need people to act as Course Marshalls, man Water Stations, check IDs for the Beer Garden, assist in the Family Festival and Expo and perform cleanup/take down after the Race. Everyone will be finished before Noon. If you are willing to help out and are available the morning of August 18, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Deena Bennett at dandm2love@comcast.net .

Also. feel free to contact Lin McHaley, Race Director, at linnardo4@aol.com or 303-840-9966.

Crafts for Cancer’s Cure Festival

An exciting new event to raise money for cancer research!

When: Saturday, October 26, 2013 – 8:00am to 5:00pm.
Where: Harvard Gulch Recreation Center – 550 E. Iliff Ave. – Denver

This family friendly event will include holiday gifts and decor, carnival games, kids craft corner, a raffle, jumping castle, face painting and food.

There are FIVE great ways to be a part of this exciting new event

$3 admission, $2 children under 15

To join the committee or volunteer, contact Rebecca at info@CraftsForCancersCure.com (720)-496-8456 or
email Antonette DeLauro Smith at adspatriot1776@gmail.com. You can also visit http://craftsforcancerscure-com.webs.com/volunteer

Crafters and artists of all kinds welcome, sell your wares at the festival
Booth spaces at $40 for 8×8, $50 for 101×10. $75 for 18×8
10% of your sales will go to the cause
No more than two vendors with like products will be accepted
Visit http://craftsforcancerscure-com.webs.com/become-a-vendor to submit your information

Variety of sponsorship packages available
Great opportunity to show your support in the fight to find a cure for cancer
Visit http://craftsforcancerscure-com.webs.com/become-a-sponsor

Advertise in our event program
Advertise your business
Honor a loved one who has battled cancer
Program will be given to all event attendees
Visit http://craftsforcancerscure-com.webs.com/advertise-at-event

For more information about Crafts for Cancer’s Cure Festival please contact Rebecca Colvin
info@craftsforcancerscure.com or (720)-496-8456