research grants awarded

This All Volunteer Charity Has Raised and Awarded $15 million for Cancer Research and Patient Care in Colorado

Cancer League 2016 Research Grants

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Scott Alper, PhD and Daniel Pollyea, MD, MS Splicing gene mutations and infection in MDS patients $30,000
Diana Cittelly, PhD Role of TRKB/BDNF axis in brain metastatic breast cancer $30,000
James DeGregori, PhD Examining oncogenic clonal expansions in the context of aging $30,000
S. Gail Eckhardt, MD & Aik Choon Tan, PhD Exploiting Patient Derived Cancer Models for Novel Immunotherapy Regimens $60,000
Lauren Fishbein, MD, PhD Investigating the role of MAML3 in neuroendocrine tumorigenesis $30,000
Matthew Galbraith, PhD Novel genes mediating cancer cell survival and proliferation in hypoxic conditions $30,000
Arthur Gutierrez-Hartman, MD Elucidating the Mechanism by which ESE-1 Controls Estrogen Mediated Tumorigenesis in HER2 + ER + Luminal B Human Breast Cancer $30,000
Lynn Heasley, PhD and Raphael Nemenoff, PhD Identification of TME-Derived Pathways for Co-Targeting in FGFR1-Dependent Lung Cancers $60,000
Britta Jacobsen, PhD Examining the role of Mucin-2 in breast cancer $30,000
Howard Li, MD Mechanisms of Resistance to T Cell-Mediated Immunotherapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer $30,000
Shi-Long Lu, PhD and John Song, MD Role of microRNA methylation and its application as a biomarker in head and neck cancer $60,000
Christopher Porter, MD The Role of ETV6 in B lymphopoiesis $30,000
Dohun Pyeon, PhD Role of Antitumor Chemokines in Clearance of Head and Neck Cancer $30,000
William Robinson, MD, PhD CARD10 and NFkB signaling in melanoma: Implications for immunotherapy $30,000
Isabel Schlaepfer, PhD Role of androgens on lipid catabolism in prostate cancer $30,000
Joseph Sottnik, PhD Therapeutic targeting of organ specific tumor growth and metastases through functional genomics $30,000
John Tentler, PhD Cancer Research Summer Fellowship Program $30,000
Tamara Terzian, PhD p53 in melanoma $30,000
Melanie Vincent, PhD Targeting Eya2 to inhibit c-Myc driven Medulloblastoma Tumor $30,000
Christian Young, PhD Targeting paracrine stromal factors induced by P13K inhibitor therapy in head and neck cancer $30,000
Yuwen Zhu, PhD Targeting the novel immune checkpoint CD112R for cancer therapy $30,000
TOTAL $720,000

Cancer League of Colorado 2015 Research Grants Awarded

Cancer League of Colorado 2015 Research Grants Awarded

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Steve Anderson, PhD Carol Sartorius, PhD Targeting breast cancer stem cells by inhibiting glucose metabolism       $60,000
Robert Annett, PhD Nicholas Foreman, MD Novel Assessment of Neuropsychological Difficulties in Children (NAND-Child)        $60,000
Neil Box Lori Crane, PhD Determining the utility of UV photography as a quantitative tool for evaluating sun exposure history of children and adolescents        $60,000
Anna Capasso, MD Combination Therapies for Young Patients with late state colorectal cancer        $30,000
James Costello, PhD Integrating Transcriptional Regulatory And Metabolic Networks To Characterize Bladder Cancer Cellular Response to Chemotherapies        $30,000
Elan Eisenmesser, PhD The anti-cancer mechanism of Il-37        $30,000
Mayumi Fujita, MD, PhD Jingshi Shen, PhD Homozygously deleted chromosomal changes in metastatic melanoma        $60,000
Dr. MoumitaGhosh A novel preclinical model to test Iloprost and PPAR delta antagonist in lung cancer chemoprevention        $30,000
MarkGregory, PhD Redox-targeted therapy for the treatment of FLT3 mutated leukemia        $30,000
Jennifer Hintzsche, PhD William Robinson, MD, PhD Identifying Molecular Targets in Melanoma Resistant to Braf/Mek Combination Therapy        $30,000
Sana Karam, MD, PhD Role of EphB4 in radiosensitization in PDX model of head and neck cancer        $30,000
Jeffery Kieft, PhD How does miRNA modulation of mRNA structure regulate production of a pro-tumor chemokine receptor?        $30,000
Katja Kiseljak-Vassiliades, DO StephenLeong, MD Approaches to Targeted Therapy in Adrenal Carcinogenesis        $60,000
Laurel L. Lenz, PhD Activation of NK cells for immunotherapy of lung tumors        $30,000
Karen Ryall, PhD Aik ChoonTan, PhD Systems analysis of EGFR-inhibitor induced kinome reprograming and EMT in non-small cell lung cancer        30,000
John Tentler, PhD Cancer Research Summer Fellowship Program        30,000
Dan Theodorescu Identification and characterization of GON4L as a novel regulator of oncogene CD24 in bladder cancer        $30,000
Andrew Thorburn, PhD Joaquin M Espinosa, PhD Selective targeting of drug-induced autophagy to improve cancer therapy       $ 60,000
Raul Torres, PhD Tumor-derived LPA immune suppression of CD8 T cell tumor immunity        $30,000
Elizabeth Wellberg, PhD The role of the Androgen Receptor in obesity-associated postmenopausal breast cancer        $30,000
Margaret Wierman, MD Rajeev Vibhakar, MD Role of Mammalian Sterile 20 like kinase 4 (MSTA) in Pediatric Brain Cancer        $60,000
  TOTAL $840,000

2014 Research Grants Awarded

2014 Research Grants Awarded

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Cancer League of Colorado 2014 Research Grants
Researcher Organization Grant Awarded
Carol Sartorius, PhD University of Colorado Denver Quiescent estrogen receptor positive cells as a source of breast cancer recurrence                   $30,000
Tobia Neff, MD University of Colorado Denver Novel Therapeutic Targets in Ezh2-Inactivated Acoute Leukemia                     $30,000
Christopher Porter, MD/ Jill Slansky, PhD University of Colorado Denver Leukemia-cell Calcineurin as a central mediator of immune evasion                     $60,000
John Tentler, PhD University of Colorado Denver Cancer Research Summer Fellowship Program                     $30,000
Lingdi Zhang, PhD University of Colorado Denver The effect of inhibiting splicing factor Snu114 in cancer                     $30,000
Rui Zhao, PhD / Heide Ford, PhD University of Colorado Denver Developing stapled peptides for breast cancer theraphy                     $60,000
James Finigan, MD / Aik Choon Tan, PhD National Jewish Hospital Kinome Essential Screen for Discovery of Novel Targets in Small Cell Lung Cancer                     $60,000
Maranke Koster, PhD University of Colorado Denver Consequences of TP63 loss on human skin squamous cell carcinogenesis                     $30,000
James Hagman, PhD National Jewish Hospital Functional analysis of EBF1:PDGFRB, a novel oncoprotein                     $30,000
Jing Hong Wang, PhD University of Colorado Denver A Novel Approach to Reveal the Impact of Genetic Mutations on Cancer Genome Stability                     $30,000
Martin McCarter, MD University of Colorado Denver Combined ATRA and Ipillmuma treatment to reduce immunosuppression in melanoma patients                     $30,000
Rebecca Schweppe, PhD / Bryan Haugen, MD University of Colorado Denver Targeting Src kinase with dasatinib in thryoid cancer                     $60,000
Lee Niswander, PhD / Heide Ford, PhD
University of Colorado Denver Grhl2 Developmental Network to Identify Novel Suppressors of EMT in Breast Cancer                     $60,000
Daniel Merrick, MD Denver Research Inst. Characterizing the activation status of inflammatory infiltrates in persistent and regressive premalignanat bronchial dysplasia                     $30,000
Cheng-jun Hu, PhD University of Colorado Denver Role of PBRM1 mutation in clear cell renal cell carcinoma                     $30,000
Michael Morgan, PhD University of Colorado Denver Autophagy and RIP#-dependent necrosis in cancer chemotherapy                     $30,000
Rytis Prekeris, PhD / Dr. Xiao-Jing Wang
University of Colorado Denver Elucidating the roles of midbodies during squamous cell carcinoma progression                     $60,000
Sunny Guin, PhD University of Colorado Denver HAS2 is a critical effector for AGL mediated regulation of tumor growth                     $30,000
Dohun Pyeon, PhD University of Colorado Denver The Roles of APOBEC3 in Human Papillomavirus Infection and Oncogenesis                     $30,000
Paul Jedlicka, PhD University of Colorado Denver Evaluation of pharmacologic inhibition of histone demethylases in Ewing Sarcoma                     $30,000
Tullia Bruno, PhD University of Colorado Denver The function of tumor infiltrating B cells in non small cell lung cancer patients                     $30,000
Total $810,000

2013 Research Grants Awarded

2013 Research Grants Awarded

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Applicant 2013 Research Grant   Grant Amount
John Tentler PhD Cancer Research Fellowship Program UCD  $30,000
Eric Clambey PhD Role of hypoxic signaling in influencing T cell mediated cancer immunotherapy UCD $30,000
Elaine Lam and Aik Choon Tan Genomic sequencing-based predictive biomarker development for targeted anti- cancer therapies UCD $60,000
Ke Jun Han PhD with Changwei Liu Regulating EGFR protein levels by a deubiquitinaying enzyme in cancer cells UCD $30,000
Marybeth Sechler H3K9 histone demethylases in Ewing Sarcoma UCD $30,000
Chu An Wang, Dept. of Pharm. Targeting Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor C in the cancer stem like population sensitizes breast Ccncer cells to oxidize stress and onhibits tumor progression UCD $30,000
Todd McKinley director Collaborative Project to increase accrual to cancer trials CCRP $30,000
Thomas Rodger, postdoctoral fellow Targeting the Kynurenine Pathway to inhibit breast cancer metastases UCD $30,000
Xuedong Liu PhD Profile specific HDAC inhibitors for triple negative breast cancer UC Boulder $30,000
Nicholas Foreman MD Development of Antibody as immunotherapy for pediatric brain tumors UCD $30,000
Sunny Guin, Fellow AGL, a glycogen debranching gene is a novel suppressor of bladder cancer growth UCD $28,500
Elizabeth Kessler MD, Fellow Effects of Androgen Deprivation Therapy on geriatric health and physical function in men over 70 years of age with prostate cancer UCD $30,000
Lindsey Hoffman DO Unique patterns of progression in recurrent pediatric Ependymoma UCD $30,000
York Miller MD and Mark Geraci MD Bronchial Somatic Chromosomal Alterations in lung cancer risk UCD $30,000
Quinghong Zang PhD Targeting Melanoma Photocinogeneses by blocking C+BP1 UCD $30,000
Philip Reigan PhD and Heide Ford PhD Novel allosteric inhibitors of Eya 2 phosphate for treatment of metastatic breast cancer UCD $60,000
Steven Anderson and Mary Reyland Protein Kinase C Delta and breast cancer therapeutics UCD $30,000
Shi-Long Lu MD In Vivo modeling of salivary gland tumor formation progression UCD $30,000
Robert Keith MD with Gregory Hickey, Fellow Pre-Clinical Investigation of Treprostinil as a Cemopreventive Agent for non-small cell lung cancer VA $30,000
Daniel A. Pollyea MD A dose escalation study of Ibrutinib with Lenalidomide for relapsed and refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma UCD $30,000
Joy Hesselberth PhD Defining the role of SF 381 mutations in Leukemia UCD $30,000
Cheng-Jun Hu PhD Role of HIF in regulating RNI splicing of HIF target genes UCD $30,000
Christopher Lieu MD Discovery of novel targets for young patients with colorectal cancer UCD $30,000
Andrew Thorburn MD with Paola Maybeth, Fellow Targeting autophagy for the treatment of triple negative breast cancer UCD $30,000
Michael Graner PhD Metabolomics of primary and recurrent high grade gilomas: a role for the UPR UCD $30,000
TOTAL  $808,500

2012 Research Grants Awarded

2012 Research Grants Awarded


Pepper Schedin, PhD University of Colorado Denver
Investigating the role of lymphangiogenesis and lymphovascular invasion in metastasis of postpartum breast cancer

Jingshi Shen, PhD
Dissection of the perforin pathway in cancer immunotherapy
University of Colorado Boulder

Shi-Long Lu, PhD
Tumor cell Dissemination and Metastasis Initiation in Head and Neck Cancer
University of Colorado Denver

Amanda Guth, DVM, PhD
Monocyte Blockade with CCR2 Antagonists for Inhibition of tumor metastases
Colorado State University

Jill Slansky, PhD Tullio Bruno, PhD
Characterizing the Function and Location of B Cells in Lung Cancer
University of Colorado Denver

Jordan Jacobelli, PhD
Regulation of lymphoma dissemination by the actin-myosin cytoskeleton
National Jewish Health

Eduardo Pajon, MD
Colorado Cancer Research Program
Presbyterian/St. Luke’s

Rui Zhao, PhD Quinghong Zhang, PhD
Inhibiting the transcriptional co-repressor CtBP for cancer therapy using cell penetrating peptide
University of Colorado Denver

Catherine Musselman, PhD
The Role of PHF1 in the repressive activity of PRC2
University of Colorado Denver

Ann Thor, MD/ Reema Wahdan-Alaswad, PhD
Metformin Inhibits Metastasis in Triple Negative Breast Cancer
University of Colorado Denver

Marileila Varella Garcia, PhD
2012 Cancer Research Summer Fellowship Program
University of Colorado Denver

Peter Kabos, MD
Role of alternative polyadenylation in estrogen receptor positive breast cancer
University of Colorado Denver

Michael J. Morgan, PhD
Autophagy Dependence and Chloroquine Sensitivity in Metastatic Cancer
University of Colorado Denver

Stephen Malkoski, MD Scott Cramer, PhD
Defining the role of TAK1 in non-small cell lung cancer
University of Colorado Denver

Antonio Jimeno, MD, PhD Gregory Gan, MD, PhD
Resistance of Human Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma to Concurrent EGFR and Radiotherapy Mediated Through the Hedgehog Pathway
University of Colorado Denver

Bolin Liu, MD
Epignetic induction of erbB2/erbB3-targeting miRNAs in breast cancer
University of Colorado Denver

Robert Doebele, MD, PhD Kurtis D. Davies, PhD
Acquired Resistance to ROS1 inhibition in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Identification of Cellular Mechanisms and Exploration of Alternative Treatment Strategies
University of Colorado Denver

David Astling, PhD
Development of an Improved Classifier for Predicting Multiple Drug Classes and Molecular Targets for Tumor Subtypes
University of Colorado Denver

Uday Kompella, PhD
Novel Lung Cancer Therapeutics
University of Colorado Denver

Michelle Guney, PhD
The Role of Eya in breast cancer metastic progression
University of Colorado Denver

Colin Moore, MD
Evaluating the Role of miR 193b in Ewing Sarcoma growth Suppression
University of Colorado Denver

Caroline Kulesza, PhD
Virus Manipulation of a Cellular Chromatin Modifying Complex
University of Colorado Denver

2011 Research Grants Awarded

2011 Research Grants Awarded

2011 Awards

Steve Anderson, Ph.D.
University of Colorado Denver
Does cell surface transporter expression determine the response of breast cancer

Sunshine Axlund, Ph.D.
University of Colorado Denver
Tumor initiating and Drug Resistant Properties of a minor Population of Stem-Like Cells in Explant Models of Estrogen Receptor Positive Human Breast Tumors

Andrew Bradford, Ph.D.
University of Colorado Denver
PKCδ as a biomarker and regulator of response to chemotherapy in endometrial cancer

Dawn Cochrane, Ph.D.
University of Colorado Denver
Restoring miR-200c to aggressive ovarian cancers to attack anoikis resistance

Dawn Duval, Ph.D.
Colorado State University
Osteosarcoma: Biomarkers of Metastasis and Resistance to Therapy
Kim Jihye, Ph.D.
University of Colorado Denver
PathCMap Development of pathway signature system for identifying partners of synethetic lethal genes
James Lambert, Ph.D.
University of Colorado Denver
Genome-wide RA interference screen for mediators of cell death induced by a novel vitamin D analog in triple negative breast cancer
Lindsay Micel, M.D.
University of Colorado Denver
Identifying mechanisms of resistance to the novel NAE inhibitor, MLN4924, in melanoma

Christopher Porter, M.D. and Jean Mulcahy, M.D.
University of Colorado Denver UCD
High Throughput Functional Genetic Screening to Define the Role of Autophagy in Pediatric Brain Tumors

Pajon, Eduardo, Jr., M.D.
CO Cancer Research Program
Colorado Cancer Research Clinical Trials Program

Renee Paulson, Ph.D.
University of Colorado Boulder
Elucidating the cellular response to hypoxia via functional genomics

Rytis Prekeris, Ph.D., and Pepper Schedin, Ph.D.
University of Colorado Denver
The regulation of MMP Secretion During the Invasion of Breast Cancer Cells

Dylan Taatjes, Ph.D.
University of Colorado Boulder
Identification of transcriptional cofactors that trigger alternations in breast cancer pathology and therapeutic response

Raul Torres, Ph.D.
University of Colorado Denver
LPA Regulation of T Cell Tumor Immunity

Marileila Varella Garcia, Ph.D.
University of Colorado Denver
Cancer Research Summer Fellowship Program
Henry Thompson, Ph.D. and Barbara Wallner, Ph.D.
Colorado State University
Competency Development to Reduce Obesity and Promote Long Term Survival Following treatment for Breast Cancer
Quinghong Zhang, Ph.D.
University of Colorado Denver
The Role of CtBP1 in SCC