January News Letter

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Dear CLC Friends:

I hope that each one of you had the most wonderful holiday season possible and a very Happy New Year! As we begin 2013, we want to remember loved ones we have lost while extending our deepest sympathies to their families and friends.  At the same time, we want to keep in our thoughts and prayers those individuals close to us who are battling cancer.  Our dedication to protecting the ones we love from this dreaded disease fuels the passion we share for the mission of Cancer League – to find a means to cure or control cancer. Three of our four major fundraising events for the current fiscal year already are in the books, and our results are well ahead of last year.   While no major fundraisers were held over the last three months, the financial support has continued to come in from many sources.  In this regard, I would like to express, on behalf of all of us,our most sincere appreciation to these donors, as well as everyone else who has contributed their time, talents and/or financial resources to the mission of Cancer League.  During the last three months, we received more than $50,000 from small fundraisers held by others on behalf of Cancer League of Colorado.  The sources of these fundraisers will be discussed in more detail in Barb Reece’s fundraising portion of this Newsletter.

In addition to these fundraisers, we were the beneficiaries of several large grants, for which we are extremely grateful.  These grants included donations of $10,000 from the Morgan Family Foundation (thanks to Lindsay and Brian Morgan), $7,500 from Morton Publishing, $1,000 from the COPIC Medical Foundation and $1,800 from the Tracy Family Foundation.  With the support of Doug and Brandon Moreland, we received a grant of $2,500 from Enterprise Holdings Foundation, as well as a donation of $1,000 in Doug’s honor from U.S. Bank. And finally, just before Christmas, the JoAnn B. Ficke Cancer Foundation (Bill Ficke and Big Bill’s Pizza) made a $30,000 grant to Cancer League, bringing total grants made over the last three years by this organization in support of our mission to $120,000.  We are extremely grateful to each one of these donor organizations for their significant contributions to our cause.

On December 18th, we held our December General Meeting at the home of Marcia and Rob Donziger.  Marcia is the founder of MyLifeLine.org, a Denver-based, cancer-related non-profit organization that Cancer League supports with service grants.   The holiday atmosphere, combined with the wonderful food donated by a number of caterers, the wide variety of vendors available for shopping, and the tremendous attendance, contributed to a delightful experience on all fronts.  We express our sincere thanks to the Donzigers, the event chairs Lori Marks-Connors and Lindsay Morgan, Marty Gathers and her group of dedicated volunteers, as well as everyone else involved in making this extremely successful event possible.

Our Board of Directors has been very active for Cancer League this fall.  Similar to the last two years, our November Board meeting was followed immediately by a Board retreat, during which we discussed many organizational, operational and strategic issues that had been identified for us by our Long Range Planning Committee.  This very effective meeting produced a number of key action items that will be addressed individually by our Board over the coming months.

We look forward to an exciting few months ahead for our organization as we set the stage for our four major fundraisers this year and prepare to make the Hope Ball 2013 our most successful event ever.  Thanks to all of you for your continued support!

With Dedication,

Gary Reece,

President, Cancer League of Colorado