Cancer League of Colorado is run by dedicated volunteers. In addition to our Executive Board — and the committees supporting them — Cancer League has selected a Scientific Advisory Board to review and select our grant applications.

If you are interested in serving on a Cancer League board, please Contact Us and a Cancer League volunteer will be in touch with you.

Proposed Officer Ballot for 2020-2021 (* Currently serving in this position)

President-Elect* Gary Reece

Acting President-Elect* David Weisberg

Treasurer-Elect* John Ruby

Acting Treasurer-Elect*         Diane Brandon Hadley

Recording Secretary*         Michelle Rea-Meredith

VP of Corporate Relations-Elect*  Alex Muggenthaler

Acting VP Corporate Relations-Elect* Darin Brown

VP Funds Allocation-Elect Ruth Pana

VP Foundation* Karen F. White

VP Fundraising-Elect* Barbara Reece

Acting VP Fundraising-Elect* Julie Reece

VP Communications/PR-Elect*       Suzanne Alliano-Rossick

Acting VP Communications/PR-Elect Tina Ye

VP Membership-Elect Laura Shipman


Committees Responsible to Acting President-Elect

Archiving:  Ruth Pana

Appreciation and Recognition:  Lin McHaley

Bylaws: David Weisberg

Community Representative: Gayle Rogers

Day of Caring Liason:  Leslie Heins

Long Range Planning: David Weisberg

Nominating: Gayle Rogers

Parliamentarian: Fleta Johnsen

Database/Directory: Suzanne Hagmaier

Member-at-Large: Lindsay Morgan

Member-at-Large: Sandy Wolf

Member-at-Large:  Jan Hammond

Member-at-Large:  Tara Meekma

Committees Responsible to Vice President of Fundraising 

Race for Research: Lin McHaley & Holli Hartman

Race for Research:  Holli Hartman (2020)

Drink for Pink 2019:  Alex Mozota

Golf Tournament: TBD

Over the Edge 2019: Jim Hackstaff and John Snow

Holiday Party: Lori Marks-Connors, Elise Marks-Gruitch, Rosalina Diecidue, Laura Shipman

Hope Ball 2020 – TBD

Commemorative: Heather Fox

Commemorative Garden: Kaye Music/Jay Montgomery

Grant Writing: Glenna Hale

Youth Fundraising:  Stephen Zhang

Committees Responsible to Vice President of Membership

Bridge: Jean Myatt & Diane Brandon Hadley

Education: Glory Weisberg

Hospitality: Renee Ambrose/Kristi Schmidt

Program: Rosalina Diecidue

Young Professionals:  Zach Hansen

Committees Responsible to Vice President of Communications and Public Relations

CARE: Sarah Hite and Marty Gathers

e-blast/e-communications: Suzanne Alliano-Rossick

Gavel Club: Gary Reece

Historian: Kathy Papadimitroupoulis

Photography/Reporter: Tina Ye

Marketing/Branding: Edie Marks

Newsreel: Keith Singer

Newsletter: Sue Wang

Social Media: Hector Heredia, Monica Mercedes

PR/Print-electronic Media: Suzanne Alliano

Web Master: Charles Bevier