Inspired by Cancer League’s 2017 Champions of Hope,
we are we are winning one step at a time!

Kori and Randy White have been named 2017 Champions of Hope.
One Step at a Time….One Day at a Time.
Dedicated to the Ones We Love.

Would you like to donate and post your thoughts to our steps?
You can make your donation online:

  • Go to Your Cancer League Account (click here)
  • Select “What would you like to do?”  and “Go”
  • Select “My Donation” and then “Donate Now”.
  • Donate $250.
  • Note “Steps” on the online donation online form.
  • Send your quote – maximum 36 characters including spaces and punctuation.
  • You will be listed in the Hope Ball program as a donor honoring our Champions of Hope.

Or, you may send your quote to Kathleen Bennett; she can be reached at 303-818-0059.