Cancer League of Colorado Bylaws


Note regarding Proposed Changes to the CLC Bylaws, dated March 1, 2017:
As many of you are aware, serving on Cancer League’s Funds Allocation Committee (FAC) is one of the most gratifying and desired jobs in our organization.  This is because the FAC participates first-hand in determining how our available funds will be allocated between organizations for service grants, between doctors and scientists for research grants, and now, between options for phase 1 clinical trials. In order to increase participation of our membership in the FAC to meet this demand, and to help with the reviews of the significantly increased number of grant requests received in view of our expanded fundraising results, the FAC and the Board of Directors have approved the expansion of the FAC by two positions. The first position will be nominated by the membership and elected to a two-year term in each of the odd calendar years. The second position will be appointed each year by the President to serve a one-year term, with the intent that this position generally would be filled by a young professional or a relatively new member of Cancer League.

The Board of Directors believes that this change will not only increase participation by our membership, new and old, in a much-desired role, it will expand the experience of the FAC process throughout our organization, thereby increasing the opportunities for providing leadership to the FAC in future years.

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