Meet the Challenge to Battle Cancer During the Fight Against Covid19

Support Cancer League of Colorado

This 50-year-old, 100% volunteer organization has been funding more than $1 million a year in cutting edge cancer research, clinical trials and related patient services in Colorado for the last decades. These efforts cannot be ignored as we fight for the survivial of cancer patients and the cure for cancer.

Ways You Can Help

Become a Member

If you’re already a member, invite a dozen of your friends to become members.

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A Variety of Ways to Give

One can use their retirement plan or life insurance to fight cancer.

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Make an Online Donation

Here’s a really easy option! Donate online now.

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Buy a Memorial Plaque

Honor your loved one with a granite plaque at the Memorial Garden.

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Sponsor & Rappel at Over the Edge

Over the Edge Event is Sept. 10-12 

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Create Your Own Fundraiser

Discover how Youth Creates raised funds to fight cancer.

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2020 Race For Research Is Cancelled

Race for Research is cancelled due to Covid-19

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2020 Cancer League Golf Tournament

2020 Cancer League Golf Tournament is cancelled.

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This All-Volunteer Charity Has Raised and Awarded $20 Million for Cancer Research and Patient Care Since 1969

Cancer League of Colorado’s mission is to secure the cure or control of cancer by raising funds to support innovative cancer research and cancer-related services in the state of Colorado.

Cancer League of Colorado was founded in 1969 by five women whose families were affected by cancer. Their individual heartache sparked a shared mission to raise money for research and patient care.


Want to Help?

Cancer League of Colorado has a compassionate approach to raising dollars for cancer research and patient services. We are a 501(c)(3), founded in 1969, with the mission of finding a cure for, or the means to control, cancer. We are unique in that our organization has no paid staff and no offices. Membership dues pay for all operating expenses. Help us find a cure for cancer!

Testimonials From Notable Coloradoans

  • "We are entering an exciting new era in cancer treatment and management. This is the result of years of intensive research and gradual but inexorable progress in our understanding of this disease."

    John Tentler
    John Tentler PhD Associate Professor of Medical Oncology, Associate Director of Education, University of Colorado Cancer Center
  • "I think that what impresses me most about Cancer League is the fact that a lot of hardworking volunteers make it possible to continue the fight against cancer."

    Mike Nelson
    Mike Nelson Chief Meteorologist at 7NEWS
  • "My year as President was so worthwhile and fulfilling because of the committed 100% volunteers that make Cancer League the tremendous organization that it is."

    Edie Marks
    Edie Marks Realtor, Past President of the Cancer League of Colorado