This All-Volunteer Charity Has Raised and Awarded $15 Million for Cancer Research and Patient Care Since 1969

Cancer League of Colorado’s mission is to secure the cure or control of cancer by raising funds to support innovative cancer research and cancer-related services in the state of Colorado.

Cancer League of Colorado was founded in 1969 by five women whose families were affected by cancer. Their individual heartache sparked a shared mission to raise money for research and patient care.


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Cancer League of Colorado has a compassionate approach to raising dollars for cancer research and patient services. We are a 501(c)(3), founded in 1969, with the mission of finding a cure for, or the means to control, cancer. We are unique in that our organization has no paid staff and no offices. Membership dues pay for all operating expenses. Help us find a cure for cancer!

You Can Make a Difference in the Fight Against Cancer

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Attend fund raising events throughout the year or donate an item for auction.

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Honor your loved one with a granite plaque at the Memorial Garden.

Testimonials From Notable Coloradoans

  • "Cancer League of Colorado was instrumental in starting QuaLife and has continued to offer encouragement and funds. Without Cancer League's support, QuaLife might not exist."

    Fleta Johnsen QuaLifeline President, Past President Cancer League of Colorado
  • Why am I Dedicated To The Ones I Love? Twenty two years ago, while trying to find a place to put my grief over the loss of my best friend to breast cancer, Fleta Johnsen (Cancer League past president and close friend) told me about Cancer League.  100% volunteer, no paid staff, no overhead, 100% of every dollar raised goes to services and research.  I joined! The first 10 years I spent doing small things - mailings, donating stamps - just finding my way!  Then onto the Hope Ball committee and from there to the Board and then to President.  While President-elect, I lost my college roommate to a rapidly moving sarcoma.  How could I do this job (my grief was so intense)?  Maybe I should dedicate my year as CLC President to her?  Driving home, I heard the Mama’s and the Papa’s recording of Dedicated to the One I Love…. Maybe I can do this…… talked to the board, changed from Commitment to Colorado to Dedicated to the Ones We Love. Our new tag line. Scott and I sat down and made a list.  Not only had we lost his mom to ovarian cancer, two friends to breast cancer, two uncles to colon cancer, a roommate to sarcoma, now our son-in-law, Paul is fighting a rare form of Lymphoma.  After much thinking we counted 57 dear friends, family and co-workers!  We had to dedicate our time and talent to eradicating Cancer. We decided Cancer League would become ours and our Company’s “Philanthropy”, not just Cancer, but Cancer League in particular.  Both family and Gateway Services Group support Cancer League and its four major fundraisers -  Golf Tournament, Race for Research, Over the Edge and Hope Ball.  We sit on a variety of Cancer League boards – Corporate Advisory, Executive and Foundation.  We, as a team, chair the Hope Ball Raffle and are part of the Endowment of Hope.  We help wherever we are needed.   In our small way we hope that we can be a part of making cancer a thing of the past.  

    Martha Jentz
  • "I think that what impresses me most about Cancer League is the fact that a lot of hardworking volunteers make it possible to continue the fight against cancer."

    Mike Nelson Chief Meteorologist at 7NEWS
  • "We are entering an exciting new era in cancer treatment and management. This is the result of years of intensive research and gradual but inexorable progress in our understanding of this disease."

    John Tentler PhD Associate Professor of Medical Oncology, Associate Director of Education, University of Colorado Cancer Center
  • "My year as President was so worthwhile and fulfilling because of the committed 100% volunteers that make Cancer League the tremendous organization that it is."

    Edie Marks Realtor, Past President of the Cancer League of Colorado
  • “The Cancer League of Colorado has been a key partner in funding some of the most innovative science ideas of our members that have led to federal funding and advances in cancer. It has also been instrumental in providing visionary leadership by creating an endowed chair so the University of Colorado Cancer Center can recruit the best and brightest leaders in cancer research in the nation.”

    Dr. Dan Theodorescu Cancer Center Director and Bladder Cancer Researcher, Surgeon
  • "Cancer is a group of dread diseases which will afflict one in three Americans during their lifetime. It is not widely recognized that more than 50% of those who develop cancer will be cured of their disease, that the cure rate increases with younger age, and that the cure rate has progressively increased over the past two decades. Last year the mortality rate from cancer declined for the first time. All of these positive events have developed because of the nation's cancer research efforts. Although the National Cancer Institute is the largest single source of cancer research funds, the NCI's funding is less than 50% of all cancer research funds, and is a small fraction of the funds spent on cancer health care. The dollars raised by Cancer League are essential for the cancer research effort in Colorado, providing flexible dollars for novel ideas. These novel ideas invariably lead to new grants and new ways to solve the cancer problem."

    Dr. Paul A. Bunn Principal Investigator, University of Colorado Specialized Program of Excellence in Lung Cancer
  • "If you want to do something about Cancer, invest your time and contributions to Cancer League, because you know it will make a difference."

    Suzy Thevenet Past President of the Cancer League of Colorado
  • "The Cancer League of Colorado has been, and continues to be, a major contributor to this progress by providing critical support for cutting-edge research. Thank you for your tireless efforts—you are making a difference!
    "Cancer League of Colorado is an organization near to my heart as my father passed away from cancer a few years ago. I am especially proud to be associated with Cancer League because it is a 100% volunteer organization with every penny raised going directly to research and patient care projects here in Colorado."

    Bill Owens Former Governor of Colorado
  • Since 2007, Cancer League of Colorado has been supporting LifeSpark, with funding that has helped us become a strong and viable service organization in the Metro Denver area.  We were birthed by QuaLife Wellness Community.  But after they closed, we were nurtured and supported by Cancer League.  We cannot overstate how important this relationship has been over the years, not only for the monetary support, but also for your steadfast belief in us and our work.  Cancer League helped LifeSpark have the confidence to carry out our mission.

    Sandy Priester